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Leonard Richmond

Poster, Great Western Railway, Cornwall by Leonard Richmond, about 1934(Science Museum Group). Click image to visit source.

Leonard Richmond(1889-1965)

Leonard Richmond (AKA: Leonard “Slim” Richmond) was a British painter, graphic artist, illustrator, poster designer, educator, author, art critic and a Canadian war artist.When not traveling, he lived most of his life in London, England and its environs.Richmond was born in Somerset and studied at Taunton School of Art and Chelsea Polytechnic.

Richmond's watercolour of the Hackney Waste Destructor at Lea Bridge in 1928 is held by the Museum of London.

Richmond's work was shown widely overseas, winning a number of awards including the Tuthill Prize at Chicago International Watercolour Exhibition of 1928 andsilver medal at the Paris Salon in 1947.

In WWI he was the Canadian Government war artist and in 1925 was commissioned to promote rail and hotel facilities through poster art by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Richmond subsequently worked for the English railways, producing a memorable series of posters of Cornish seaside resort for the Great Western Railway.

He lived in St Ives, Cornwall ( 1932, and 1935), Brentford (1912), Southall (1914), London (1919), and Guildford (1935).

Lea Bridge Waterworks

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