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Public art

Public Art

'Friendship Tree' (2008) and what to do when
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Artists: Joel Parkes with Southwold Primary School Pupils

The 'Friendship Tree Sculpture' by the towpath onnorth Millfieldswas commissioned as part of a range of environmental enhancements associated with the development ofLathams Yard.

Children fromSouthwold Primary Schoolworked with Free Form Arts Trust to develop the concept.

Funded by: Taylor Wimpey.

Commissioned by: Freefrom Arts Trust

'Intervention' (2012)

IMG 0946

Artist:Jonathan O’Dea

Sculpture constructed from a felled tree andother recycled building materials and found objects.The work was commissioned as part of the Cultural Olympiad of 2012.

The work provided the centrepiece of 'Changing Spaces' a series of 12 three-dimensional abstract works that interact with the changing environment around the Olympic Park and Lee Valley Regional Park.

More information of Jonathan O'Dea

'Rise and Shine Magic Fish'

Artist: Kate Malone

Three heads and a tail of four giant fish break the surface of a shallow pond, which in previous years operated as a filter bed within the Middlesex Filter Beds.


Two huge carp, a pike, and the fanned tail of a rudd disappearing under the water. Funded by Lea Valley Regional Park Authority, Countryside Commission, Greater London Arts, Skinners Company, Lady Neville Charity.The artist joined with local schools and community groups in the course of the work.

Some of the sculptures were stolen during 2012 and others vandalised. The remaining pieces have been relocated to the Waterworks Nature Reserve (the former No. 2 Essex Filter Beds).

Public Monuments and Sculpture Association Details

'Nature's Throne'

 Nature's Throne

Artist:Paula Haughney

Monumental scuplture made from huge granite blocks salvaged from the Victoria engine house.

The work comprises ten granite blocks in a circle surrounding a huge stone seat. This central double seated throne is fashioned from five stones and is carved with natural motifs. The north facing seat celebrates the water aspects so central to the site, the south facing seat celebrates the sun and earth. Images of natural life are carved in relief. The granite standing stones are not carved but retain the holes and marks of their previous industrial use. All 15 blocks were retrieved from the foundations of 'Victoria', a massive Cornish beam engine, installed on the site in 1859.

Funded by Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, Countryside Commission, Greater London Arts, Skinners Company, Lady Neville Charity.

The artist joined with local schools and community groups in the course of the work. Cyclic nature of history.

Public Monuments and Sculpture Association Details

'Railings and a park gate'


Artists: Andrea Sinclair and Bill Hudson with Southwold Primary School pupils.

New boundary railings and park entrance gate adjacent to North Millfields.

Funded by: John Laing Partnership (JLP)

Commissioned by: Art in the Park

Andrea Sinclair and Bill Hudson worked together with children from Southwold Primary School to create a ironwork gate. Inspiration derived from the different plant forms found on the Hackney Marshes, such as willows and rushes.

The first session with the children concentrated on possible designs and motifs for the gate.In the second session, the children crafted 24 3D insect forms in sculpting clay.


These were used to make 72 cast steel insects for the final installation. The final design of the gates was then put together by gate artist Heather Burrell working with AiP artists Andrea Sinclair and Bill Hudson.

To prepare the 24 clay insects for casting at the foundry, the edges of the sculptures were made at 45 degrees, avoiding overhangs or very thin areas. The details were also exaggerated. Once the models were suitable, silicon moulds were made, then finally resin casts and patterns.

Waterworks Seats


Artist: Unknown

Location: Waterworks Nature Reserve.


This group of seats for visitors is designed to represent the insects thatfrequent the ponds of the old waterworks includingdamsel flies and grasshoppers.

'Jump' (2008)


Artist: Norma Vondee

Location: Waterworks Nature Reserve.

Mosaic bench made to celebrate the start of the London Cultural Olympiad by visitors to the Lee Valley Regional Park.

Wooden Boat


Artist: Unknown

Location: Waterworks Nature Reserve.

Woden dug out canoe with carved faces.

'Split Leaf' (2003)


Artists: John Mills with Coppermill Primary SChool and Mission Grove Primary School.

Location: Coppermill Lane.

A gateway to the park and the Marshes beyond.The forms for the two metal sceptres were developed through drawings and models inspired by the natural environment of the Lea Valley at Walthamstow Marshes.

Produced in association with British Waterways London; Lea River Trust; Lee Valley Park; Groundwork Hackney; and Waltham Forest Borough Council.

'The Willow Worker' (2008)


Artist: David Gosling.

Location: The Waterworks Nature Reserve

Life-size willow sculpture of a filter bed worker inspired by a photograph of the filter bed 'gangs' who were responsible for cleaning the and maintaining the filter beds.

The photograph is of workers at the Hampton Water Treatment Works in the 1940's.The work was created in May 2008 at the Lee Valley Spring Wildlife Weekend.

'Table on the Marsh' (2010)


Artist:Tabitha Pope


Location: Walthamstow Marsh

Table on the Marsh presents a permanent communal public dining space for visitors of Walthamstow Marshes. The table is able to seat twenty people.The oak dining table is richly carved with patterns carefully collected from local residents.

It was selected by curator Alexandra Parry following an open competition in 2010 that saw over 50 proposals.

'Water Jugglers' (2004)



Commissioned by: Groundwork East London

Location: Hackney Marsh

Etched, mirror polished, stainless steel and imaged glass containing work produced by Schools and community groups.Located where to the Daubany pedestrian bridge travels across the canal and into the Marsh



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