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A series of books have been published about or referring to the Lea Bridge area.

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The New English Landscape

Jason Orton and Ken Worpole

This book examines the changing geography of landscape aesthetics since the Second World War. It focuses upon areas of 'significant topographical disruption' in Essex and the Thames Estuary and considers what has attracted writers and artists to such areas of 'profound ecological and imaginative resonance'.

The Lea Valley is described as 'a unique landscape combining the pastoral and industrial' and by industrial historian Dr Jim Lewis as this 'bastard landscape'.

Worpole points to local fears that a unique landscape, though polluted and in poor shape, yet patently rich in its industrial and cultural heritage, is in danger of being eradicated entirely.

Ken Worpole is a writer on architecture, landscape and public policy. Jason Orton is a landscape photographer.

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Published by Field Station, London, 2013

ISBN 978-0-9926669-0-3


Gareth E. Rees.

Subtitled 'Dreams and nightmares on the edge of London' this is a 'deep map' of East London's marshes blending local history, folklore and 'weird fiction'.

Gareth wanders the marshes of Hackney, Walthamstow and Leyton with his dog discovering lost worlds, ancient grazing lands, factories and tidal rivers perched on the edgelands of a rapidly gentrifying city.

A part hallucinated landscape of ghosts, bears, crocodiles and apocalyptic tribes blend with a growing reality that the very existence of the marshlands is under threat from developers.

Illustrated by artist Ada Jusic.

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Published by Influx Press, 2013.

ISBN 978-0-00-749427-9

This Other London

John Rogers

Subtitled 'Adventures in the Overlooked City', this book ventures through uncharted London in search of the 'lost menacing of ourmetropolitan existence'.

The chapter on the Lea Valley, 'wassailing the home territory', captures stories of the Lammas Lands of Leyton Marsh, visits to Leyton Orient football ground, the Middlesex Filter Beds with its sluice gate cranks and sand trolleys 'preserved like religious artefacts', 'Beating the Bounds' and the 'Walthamstow Wassailers'.

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Published by Harper Collins, 2013.

ISBN 978-0-00-749427-9

Springhill: Two Centuries of River Lea Rowing

Dick Anderson

The story of boats, boatmen, rowers and rowing clubs on London's River Lea from 1800 to 1980.More than 150 rowing clubs have been established on the Lea.

Men and women who lived, worked, trained and raced on the river challenged establishment views on amateur sport and made rowing accessible to all.

Dick Anderson has been a member of rowing clubs on the Lea since 1969.

All proceeds from the sale of the book (after deductions for printing and distribution) will be donated to Lea Rowing Club.

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Published by Lapesse Publishing

The Road to Jeremy's ferry

Norma Crooks

Jeremy's Ferry was name of the 18th century foot ferry across the Lea. Written and researched by Norma Crooks and published by Waltham Forest Oral History Workshop, this on-line publication provides a sweeping historical perspective of the area along the east banks of the Lea on the borders of Leyton and Walthamstow.

Topics include the river Lea and the Marshes; the development of churches; schools, and local government; the great houses and their occupants; and a history of commerce and industry. This is reinforced by an oral history of local residents.


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