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Future conservation areas

Lea Bridge conservation area

The Lea Bridge area has many environmental qualities that it is desirable to conserve and enhance. Yet only a small part is a designated a conservation area. These pages set out some of these qualities and explains some 'next steps' towards designating new or extended conservation areas.

The plan opposite describes the possible combined boundary of a series of overlapping conservation areas.

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Possible sub areas

This comprises the following sub areas:

TheLea Bridge Conservation Areadesignated by Hackney.

Lea Bridge Waterworksproposed conservation area (Waltham Forest)

Middlesex Filter Bedsproposed conservation area (Hackney)

Millfieldsproposed conservation area (Hackney)

Millfields Depot and Mandeville School proposed conservation areas (Hackney)

The above plan identifies the potential area(s). The proposed area is given a clear identifiable boundary containing coherent contiguous built fabric and coherent open spaces. Sub-areas may possibly be designated by different authorities (LBWF or LBH) at different times, and perhaps in a phased manner.

The proposed boundary for the extension of the Lea Bridge Conservation Area is suggested for the purposes of discussion and consultation.

There is the potential to develop a local register of historic industrial landscapes that might offer some degree of protection to the reservoirs and old filter beds. There is currently no such category of local protection. Whilst the Middlesex and Essex Filter Beds, along with the Walthamstow Reservoirs, could possibly be designated as Conservation areas, this form of planning control is not necessarily well suited to the particular circumstances. Conservation area designation can exercise control over the demolition of buildings and boundary walls and protect trees, but how might it apply to the reservoir and filter bed structure themselves?

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