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4.2 General Description of the Conservation Area

The Lea Bridge Conservation Area includes a core of buildings, mainly from the C19th, reflecting the historic uses of the River Lea. This includes former industrial buildings, and the line of the former Lea Bridge Dock, still evident in the open spaces and building plots of the remaining development. The Conservation Area also includes two well detailed historic public houses, reflecting the leisure activities still evident along the banks of the River Lea. These buildings, along with the open spaces and mature trees, form a coherent and distinctive townscape, surrounded by an open landscape and riverside setting. This open character is important in views into and out of the Conservation Area, as well as in views along the banks of the River Lea. Adjacent to the Conservation Area, to the east, are the remnants of a former waterworks, which are of interest in their own right.

Figure 17 Mature trees and open aspect along the banks of the River Lea

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