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Southern aqueduct

Aqueduct & tunnels (1834) (Demolished or infilled)




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An open aqueduct was made from the river, nearLea Bridge,to the reservoirs at Old Ford under the Act of 1829, in the neighbourhood ofLea BridgeMills. From 1829 until 1852, water was taken, from the‘Lea BridgeMill-tail’

Thomas Wicksteed constructed the two mile canal permitted by the 1829 Act as well a cast iron main laid under the bed of the river, and a reservoir, all to take water from the sources at Lea Bridge to the main works at Old Ford.

The southern aqueduct stretched from the intake at the south east corner of the Middlesex filter beds adjacent to the Lea, along the boundary of the works and then beside the Hackney Cut and travelling on to the former Old Ford Works.

Jon Air was later awarded a contract for the construction of the 48'' main to Old Ford, replacing the open aqueduct in 1856.

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