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Connaught Engine House

Connaught Engine House

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Thames Water/ Clancy Dowcra.

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Current Designation

Archaeological Priority Zone.

Archaeological Significance

The site sits at the terminus of the Walthamstow Slip.



The Connaught is something of a mystery and a photograph has only recently been sourced. But the plan form is known.

The Connaught engine building contained a horizontal tripe expansion Worthington engine. The engine was replaced by two partly manufactured electric centrigual pumps.

The building may be named after the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and linked to the Duke and Duchess engine house at Lea Bridge.

An 1889 Worthington type duplex triple expansion pumping engine built by James Simpson for the Cherry Garden Pumping Station in Folkestone is displayed at Brede waterworks, East Sussex.

The Connaught (top left) opposite the Lea Bridge Road football stadium and speedway track, Lea Bridge, 1933



London's water supply, 1903-1953: Areview of the work of the Metropolitan Water Board.

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