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Latham's Yard

Latham's Yard

Leaside Wharf Timber Mills, including Lathams Yard (centre) 1926 (http://www.britainfromabove.org.uk/image/epw016650)

James Latham was a 18th century timber merchant from Liverpool who moved to Shoreditchin 1815. From 1912 Latham's were also in Hackney where, in 1991, they employed 100-250 workers across a number of sites including Middlesex Wharf.



Taylor Wimpey

Date or period


Current Designation

Redeveloped for housing in about 2008

Architectural Merit


Archaeological Merit

A desk top appraisal was undertaken prior to the redevelopment.

An assessment of the remaining buildings was undertaken in 2005. More

IMG 0162

Timber at Middlesex Wharf: View of wharf, barge on Lea River and cranes beyond. (Hackney Archives)

There is dramatic footage of a major blaze at Latham's Yard in 1940. More

The company of James Latham Ltd. remains in business today.


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