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Prince & Princess Engine House

Prince & Princess Engine House


The engine building has been demolished to approximately three metres above ground.



Thames Water/ Dowcra

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The ‘Prince’ and Princess’ engine shed and boiler house was erected by engineerCharles Greaves. The engines had cylinders of 85 inches diameter, and were associated with the adjacent No.1 Essex Filter Beds. The buildings and the Italianate campanile once formed a bold object on the side of the Lea Bridge Road.


The main engine building has been demolished to approximately three meters above ground level, although the massive stone and brick quoins and string courses are still visible.The Prince and Princess boiler shed survives intact.

The City of London holds copyrighted photographs of the Prince and Princess Engine Houses, which can beviewed here(opens on a new page).

The partial retention of the main engine building is indicated by a 1947 plan of the Waterworks that shows deep masonry walls for parts of the structures.

The building appeared to exactly match the design of the Victoria Engine House and boiler sheds, except the Victoria contained only one engine and was one bay deep whereas the Prince and Princess contained two, and was two bays deep.

Charles Greaves’ obituary states that theVictoria” Cornish engine at Lea Bridge should have further augmentation. Mr. Greaves recommended additional engine-power, and he subsequently erected the “Prince” and “Princess” engines, having cylinders of 85 inches diameter, together with additional filter-beds and the engine-house, which forms a 'bold object on the side of the Lea Bridge Road'.

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