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'Triples' Engine House

'Triples' engine house

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The 'Triples' engines house and boiler shed were erected by engineer W.B. Bryan in 1889/91. The engines were associated with the adjacent No.1 Essex Filter Beds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

The main engine house has been demolished except for a fragment of the stone plinth course still attached to the corner of the surviving and intact boiler shed.


The corner of the giant stone plinth of the Triples engine shed attached to the surviving and intact boiler shed.



Thames Water/ Clancy Dowcra.

Date or period 


Current Designation

Archaeological Priority Zone.

Archaeological Significance

The site sits at the terminus of the Walthamstow Slip.


Demolished (one remaining fragmented)

The City of London holds  copyrighted photographs of the Triples Engine House, which can be here (open a new page).

The buildings housed three vertical triple expansion engines made by Yates & Thom of Blackburn designed by East London Company’s engineer, W.B. Bryan, and built by Kirk & Randall.

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