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Adding to the local lists

Adding to the local lists

Locally listed buildings in the Lea Bridge area are designated by either Hackney, Haringey or Waltham Forest Councils.

There is a range of buildings in the area which may merit adding to the local list.

The following buildings and structures appear (at least to the authors of this site) to be suitable for local listing whenever each local list is next reviewed.

Waltham Forest

Triples boiler sheds

Electricity sub stations

Prince and princess engine boiler house

Railway footbridge

Railway viaduct

Waterworks entrance lodge

Waterworks railings

Greyhound PH

Clapton Junction Railway Viaduct (east)


Clapton Junction Railway Viaduct (west)

The Beehive PH

Boundary posts

Carbonic works

De Havilland building

Entrance gates

Lea bridge weir

Lea bridge weir keepers cottage

Machine gun pill box

Princess of Wales PH

Semi detached villas, Lea Bridge Road

Dock bridge


Marine engine house

Ferry bridge

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