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Aqueduct bridge

Aqueduct bridge, Lea Bridge Road



Date or period

Circa. 1854.

Current Designation

Archaeological Priority Zone.


LB of Waltham Forest Highways/ Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

Future Conservation

Possible reconstruction with a sympathetic scheme incorporating the remaining fragments.

Road bridge carrying the Lea Bridge Road over the former East London Water Works Aqueduct.

The bridge is associated with the East London Waterworks and the transfer of the water source from Lea Bridge to Coppermill under the supervision of Chief Engineer Charles Greaves. Cast iron railings in a lattice pattern.

The plaque attached to the rail states ‘DURHAM BROs, ATLAS FOUNDRY, BOW ROAD E’.The bridge has been substantially altered and degraded.The central section of the bridge has been replaced and the rails have been re-bedded in concrete.

A concrete sluice structure below and to the south (now a footpath and cycle-way) was constructed to act as a dam after flooding inundated the filter beds to the south in 1947.

A narrow iron footbridge, within the boundary of the Waterworks, was located to the south (now demolished).

The City of London holds two copyrighted photographs of the bridge, which can beviewed here and here (open a new page).

The aqueduct bridges, seen immediately after emergency works to limit food damage in 1946, is clearly very different in appearance from the bridge today.

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