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Flood barriers

Flood barriers




Clancy Dowcra/ Thames water

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Until the completion of the Lea flood relief channel of 1960's, the river remained be prone to regular flooding.

On 15th March 1947 and again in 1948, floodwaters entered the Lea Bridge Station of the Metropolitan Water Board, traveling along the newly constructed aqueduct:‘The Lea Bridgeworks of the Metropolitan Water Board of London are flooded, which shutting down the works for nine days; the first time in their history that they are shut’.

Inundation effectively cut off East London's fresh water supply.

A ring of flood barriers was subsequently constructed around the Waterworks, which survive today.The one meter high wall of concrete is interspersed with gateways with slot for removable barriers.The design exhibits the qualities of Second World War military engineering.The approach strongly resembles that of Second World War military engineering techniques.

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