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Lea Bridge District Gas Co. Works

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Lea Bridge District Gas Co. Works





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Gasometers remain. 



The Lea Bridge gasworks was built in 1853 by the South Essex Gaslight and Coke Co to supply parts of Leyton. The Works were later sold to the County & General Gas Consumers Co. 

The company's operation in Leyton was statutorily restricted in 1864 to the area north of Park Road, Coopers Lane, and James Lane. 

The company was bought out in 1868 and the Lea Bridge District Gaslight & Coke Co. formed. In 1878 this was reincorporated with statutory powers as the Lea Bridge District Gas Co. 

In the twentieth century, gas a coke companies were amalgamated to meet the growing needs of the expanding suburbs.  However, The Lea Bridge District Gas Co. retained its independence even following its purchase by the South-Eastern Gas Corporation and  continued to be directly responsible for supplying its own area. 

When the gas industry was nationalised, under the Gas Act of 1948,  the Lea Bridge District Gas Co. were transferred to the North Thames Gas Board.

The site retains three gasometers and the Clementina Road entrance gates remain in place, although bricked-up.


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