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Lea Bridge station

Lea Bridge Station


Lea Bridge Station c. 1940 (Vestry House Museum)

The main station entrance hall and platform canopies are lost but the platforms and staircases survive.

The Lea Valley line was originally developed as a main line from London to Cambridge, a precursor of the east coast main line.

The station was first named 'Lea Bridge Road' or 'Lea Bridge Walthamstow', and only later (after 1871)known as 'Lea Bridge.



Network Rail / LB of Waltham Forest.

Date or period

Circa. 1839-43. Viaduct 1843

Current Designation


Group Value

Station viaduct and the adjacent Greyhound Public House have group value.




The Northern and Eastern Railway was originally plannedto link Islington with York, via Cambridge in a scheme of 1836.The Act of 1839/40 proposed an alternative route from Stratford to Tottenham and onwards to Broxbourne, Cambridge and York.Services began in 1840 between Shoreditch and Broxbourne via Straford.

This was a wide gauge railway and only later converted to standard gauge by Robert Stephenson in 1844. The conversion to standard gauge was completed in a little over a month with no interruption to services.

The opening of the railway station caused a decline in Lea Bridge turnpike revenues.

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