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No. 1 Essex Filter Beds

No. 1 Essex Filter Beds

No. 1 Essex Beds ( Vestry House)

Flood barrier (partly demolished) erected across the aqueduct adjacent to the Essex Beds



Thames Water/ Clacy Dowcra.

Date or period

Mainly building phases from 1850.

Current Designation

Archaeological Priority Area

Group Value

Group value with the Essex Waterworks, Bridge weir, Hackney Cut.


The filter beds have been in filled and or broken up.

The Six filter bedsgrouped around a central well head were constructed in around 1850.The beds stored water drawn from Coppermill and later Tottenham Mill along an aqueduct to Lea Bridge.

The beds were orginally entered from the west via the Foreman’s house of c.1855, designed by the renowned Arts and Crafts architectGeorge Devey. The beds were orginally lined with trees which suggest a picturesque landscape.

Steam engine pumps were introduced with the development of thePrince and Princess Enginesand later the 'Triples'.

The filter beds have either been in filled and or broken up completely. The central well-head may possibly remain intact.

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