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Greyhound public house

Greyhound public house, Lea Bridge Road


By 1839, John Braithwaitehad established a beershop here or nearby, shortly before the adjacent Lea Bridge Station opened in 1840.

A new road bridge over the rail tracks was built in 1843, raising the street level in front. The first floor was opened to the new street level with the old bar converted into cellars.

'The Greyhound Inn was built before the construction of the railway bridge, and became landed in a curious difficulty, because when built, its ground floor was on a level with the old road, and this the railway bridge was on a level with the bedroom floor of the inn. The landlord, however, not feeling inclined to shut up his house, raised it another storey, and made what had been the bedroom floor of the business part of the premises. From where about the Greyhound Inn stands, there was a wooden causeway in the line of the footpath on the nort side of the road, to enable foot passengers to pass over the water which then frequently flooded the road.'

The bullding was substantially rebuilt in 1946 following wartime bombing. The pub closed in 1997 and was converted into flats.


Jack Noseworthy was the landlord in the 1920sand also owned the land to the rear. He arranged for the ballast and sand to be dug out and sold and created the Lea Bridge Road dirt track, for motorbike racing, behind the pub.The new speedway stadium opened in1928 and hosted Clapton Orient Football Club games in the 1930s.


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