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Beecholme Estate 

Beecholme Estate


Date or period


Current Designation

None known.

Group Value

The estate appears to be designed to face onto and relate to north Millfields.




LB of Hackney.

The estate was designed renowned Architect by Sir Frederick Gibberd, working with Borough Engineer G.L.Downing. 

Gibberd designed a number of post-war estates in Hackney, including Somerford Grove Estate (1949) and The Beckers (1958).

Gibberd was the architect of Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Cathedral (1960–1967).

The architectural merit of the Beecholme estate derives principally from the group value of the planned estate and the landscape setting within the estate and the manner of its opening onto North Millfields.

The estate may form a part of the site of Beecholme House, which may have been the home of Maj. John André (d. 1780), who was executed in the American War of Independence.

Many of Hackney's post-war estates have been extensively altered or completely demolished. The area may therefore justify designation as a Conservation Area.

Sir Frederic Gibberd

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