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Aqueduct footbridges

Aqueduct footbridges, Leyton Marsh

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Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

Date or period

Circa. 1853.

Current Designation

Archaeological Priority Zone.

Group Value

Associated with the aqueduct and the aqueduct road bridge to the south.



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Fragments of vertical concrete posts inset with decorative metal panels that acted as end posts to cast iron footbridges across the aqueduct.

The two bridges are aAssociated with the East London Waterworks and the transfer of the water source from Lea Bridge to Coppermill under the supervision of Greaves.

The City of London hold a copyrighted photograph of one of the footbridges, which can be viewed here (opens  a new page).

The aqueduct itself has been demolished or filled north of Lea Bridge Road, now a pedestrian and cycle route.

The southerly bridge is associated an ancient track , the Black Path or Market Hauliers route. The northerly bridge led to Low Hall Manor via Low Hall Lane.

The remnants of the bridges are now so degraded and damaged that it may be better to remove one or more of the remaining intact panels for display in a local museum.

Plan of one of the bridges north of Lea Bridge Road taking the black path or market hauliers route across the aqueduct.

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