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Lea Bridge stories, myths & legends

Viking Invasion

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles tell the tale of Danes rowingtheir ships up the Lee and constructing fortresses. King Alfred devised a plan to obstruct the Lee to prevent the Danes retreating back down the Lee by boats, forcing them to flee on foot. More

The Battle of Hackney

North Mill Field is the probable site of a fierce battle which took place in 527 between Octa, the grandson of Hengist, King of Kent, and Erchenwin, the founder of the kingdom of Essex. More

Walthamstow Slip

The inhabitants of Walthamstow reputedly carried a dead body across the Marshes eastwards from Lea Bridge towards Snaresbrook. By custom, Walthamstow claimed the land over which the body was carried.More

Dams across the Lea

In 1803, renowned engineerJohn Renniewas asked by the Government to survey the lower parts of the River Lea; to see if it could be flooded as a defence against a feared invasion by the French.More

Walsingham Pilgrim's route

Lea Bridge reputedly lies along the route of an ancient track used by plgrims travelling from London to the shrine at Walsingham, oncevenerated as one of the holiest places in England.More

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