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This site has been produced by an informal group of local residents with the invaluable assistance of a number of interested individuals and groups.

This site is principally derived from secondary sources, reinforced by some primary research.

Two paperswritten by Mike Doyleform the core content of this web site: 'The View from the Bridge -Lea Bridge Heritage Appraisal' (2012) and; 'Lea Bridge Waterworks' (2013). Mike is a planner and urban designer and a local resident.

We would particularly like to highlight the assistance and encouragement provided byJulia Lafferty (Clapton Conservation Area Advisory Committee,The Hackney Society and Clapton Arts Trust).

Katy Andrews(local activist and historian) shared her extensive knowledge of the marshes and the history of the Lammas Lands and the Lammas Lands Defence Committee. Katy also undertook a very thorough edit of drafts of various documents.

David Boote (Coordinator of the Research and Publications Working Group of the Leyton and Leytonstone Historical Society) provided very useful comments and pointers.

Wendy Reidcontributed to the development of early drafts of document and also provided invaluable encouragement and support to the editors.

Richard Latcham (a Chartered Civil Engineer) provided invaluable insights into civil and mechanical engineering history.

We are also deeply indebted to the invaluable public services provided by local archives including:

The starting point for the section on the Lea Bridge Waterworks is a paper by Dr. Keith Fairclough and, more widely, his work on the history of the River Lea and the Hackney Waterworks.

Anne Hardy’s papers on water and health in nineteenth century London also proved invaluable.

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