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King's Head Bridge

King's Head Bridge

Architectural Merit



British Waterways/ Lee Valley Regional Park Authority.

Date or period

Ramps circa. 1900. Portal frame (central setion) estimated 1950.

Current Designation

Archaeological Priority Zone (LB of Waltham Forest).

Archaeological Priority Area (LB of Hackney).

Archaeological Significance

The bridge is located close to the site of the entrance to the former Lea Dock.

Group Value

None, although the landscape setting created by the river bend and the ‘island’ (where the River was diverted) is of landscape importance.



A ‘high-level’ bridge with ramps to either side in rag stone.Ramps inset with raise cobbles indicating use as a horse bridge to switch the towpath from east to west side of the river.The metal bridge structure may date from 1950s onwards. There is a stone arched opening, probably a culvert or minor stream, below the west ramp. Cast iron stanchions and railings to ramp.

Historical Association

Associated with the former King’s Head Public House (demolished in the 1930s) that replaced the earlier pub on the same site of the same name, circa.1850.

Future Conservation

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority is developing a scheme to improve access from the east.

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