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Drawing & plan references

British Waterways Board: Lee Conservancy Board

The list below comprises a selection of drawings and plans of Lee Conservancy Board, 1868-1947 held at the Metropolitan Archives offices. The Records are from the Lee Conservancy Board Engineer's Office at Enfield Lock. The engineer appears also to have been responsible to the Lee Conservancy Catchment Board. Material within the collection is grouped largely by subject.

The authors have reviewed the list and extracted plans related or relevant to the Lea Bridge Area which have then been placed in date order. The plans have not been reviewed to date but have been used to assemble a chronology of works to the rivers and canals.

1832 Lea Bridge: Longitudinal section of river, from Lea Bridge to Lea Bridge Lock, showing pipes crossing riverACC/2423/P/17041832 Ap

1840s Clapton/ Homerton: River from Lea Bridge to Homerton Lock and adjoining propertiesACC/2423/P/07241840s

1842 Lea Bridge, Clapton: River North-East of bridge: planACC/2423/P/17141842?

1849 Lea Bridge: Heights of bridges from Lea Bridge to the River Thames: transverse sectionsACC/2423/P/14791849 Conditions of access: UNFIT

1849 Lea Bridge: Cut and river, from Lea Bridge to the River Thames: cross sectionsACC/2423/P/14801849

1849 Hertford/ Lea Bridge: Cut and river, from Hertford to Lea Bridge: cross sectionsACC/2423/P/14811849

1850s Lea Bridge/ Old Ford: Old plan of river and navigation from Lea Bridge to Old Ford showing entrance to Duckett's Canal and Temple MillsACC/2423/P/0863185[-]

1850s Lea Bridge, Clapton: Sections of proposed wall near bridge ACC/2423/P/0913185[-]

1851 Lea Bridge: Details of iron tumbling bayACC/2423/P/04521851

1853 Tottenham: Water channels proposed under act of 1852: plan (Drawing number 1) ACC/2423/P/06311853 Jun Conditions of access: UNFIT

1853 Lea Bridge: Water channels proposed under act of 1852: plan (Drawing number 2) ACC/2423/P/06321853 Jun Conditions of access: UNFIT

1853 Lea Bridge/ Strong's Bridge, Clapton: Plan of work completed ACC/2423/P/08791853 Sep

1854 Horse Bridge, Clapton: Design for bridge: elevations and sections ACC/2423/P/09211854 Aug

1854 Horse Bridge, Clapton: Composition bridge of wood and iron: details ACC/2423/P/04951854 Aug

1856-1925 Pond Lane, Hackney: Bridge and gates: plan and details (improvements under 1850 Act)ACC/2423/P/14331856 – 1925

1857 Pond Lane, Hackney: Bridge and gates as builtACC/2423/P/14341857?

1884 Essex Wharf, Lea Bridge: Site plan of proposed wharfACC/2423/P/01601884 Dec

1862 Walthamstow Marsh Bridges, Clapton/ Tottenham: Towing path bridges and new cut: elevations and sections. Includes correspondenceACC/2423/P/01821862 Nov

1863 Pond Lane, Hackney: Lea Bridge to Homerton Lock: plan of river showing additional gates at Pond Lane Bridge to form a half-lockACC/2423/P/14351863

1864 Pond Lane, Hackney: New half-lock executed 1863: plan and details ACC/2423/P/14361864

1864 Pond Lane, Hackney: Half-lock executed 1863: plan, elevation and section ACC/2423/P/14371864

1866-67 Great Eastern Railway Bridge, Clapton: Great Eastern Railway Bridge Act 1864: copy of bridge agreement plan. Includes correspondenceACC/2423/P/17091866 – 1867 Conditions of access: UNFIT

1878-80 Horse Shoe Point, Clapton: Survey showing cutting opened in 1879, with section of towing path ACC/2423/P/02651878 Aug - 1880

1878-1916 Tottenham Lock, Tottenham: Wharf walling: plan and sections ACC/2423/P/02661878 Aug - 1916

1878-1905 Ashpitals Dock, Homerton/ Hackney Wick: Survey of navigation showing leased propertyACC/2423/P/02871878 Jun – 1905

1879 Horse Shoe Cutting, Clapton: Elevation and details of bed plateACC/2423/P/01831879

1879 Lea Bridge: Survey showing towing pathACC/2423/P/02981879 Sep

1884 Marsh Gate Bridge, Hackney: Lock bridge and underside level ACC/2423/P/02191884 Oct

1889 Lea Bridge: Wharfing: plan and sectionACC/2423/P/03591889 Mar

1889-1926 Pond Lane Bridge, Hackney: East London Waterworks: pipe over bridge in 1889 and as renewed in 1926ACC/2423/P/09851889 Sep – 1926

1890s Marsh Gate Lock, Hackney: General plan and details of gates and pointings ACC/2423/P/0225189[-]

1890s Lea Valley: Ordnance Survey map and engineer's plan showing reservoirs from Feildes Weir to Lea BridgeACC/2423/P/1443189[-

1890s Horse Shoe Point Cutting, Clapton: New cutting and area of land required: ordnance planACC/2423/P/0534189[-]

1893 Hackney Relief Sewer, Hackney: Sewer crossing river, showing method of constructing same under the riverACC/2423/P/10041893 Mar

1893 Lea Bridge, Clapton: Proposed towing path under widening ACC/2423/P/10031893 Sep

1893 Lea Bridge, Clapton: County Bridges number 1: new bridge ACC/2423/P/14481893 Dec

1893-4Lea Bridge Weir, Clapton: New weir: general plan and details of standards and lifting gearACC/2423/P/01231893 May – 1894

1895 Lea Bridge, Clapton: Printed contract plans (county bridge number 21) ACC/2423/P/17321895 Jun

1895 Lea Bridge, Clapton: Alteration to fenders during reconstruction of bridge ACC/2423/P/10211895 Dec

1895 Lea Bridge, Clapton: Method of constructing dam for abutments ACC/2423/P/10221895 Dec

1896 Lea Bridge, Clapton: Proposed towing path under bridgeACC/2423/P/02641896 May

1896 Hackney: Proposed new buildingACC/2423/P/10311896 Sep

1897 Pond Lane Lock, Hackney: Property along navigationACC/2423/P/02881897 Jun

1897 Pond Lane Lock, Hackney: Property of board and encroachments, with widths ACC/2423/P/02931897 Jun

1898 Marsh Gate Lock, Gatehouse, Hackney: New gatesACC/2423/P/02261898 Mar

1900 Hackney Electricity Works, Mill Fields Road, Lower Clapton: Temporary staging for erection of electric lighting station and 'Dust Destructor'ACC/2423/P/10771900 Aug

1901 Pond Lane Lock, Hackney: Hackney electricity supply: proposed lay-bye ACC/2423/P/02621901 Feb

1901 Lea Bridge Wharf, Clapton: Campsheeting. Includes correspondence ACC/2423/P/10941901 Apr – 1901

1901 Hackney Electricity Works, Hackney: Wharf wall and lay-bye ACC/2423/P/10901901 May

1901 Hackney Electricity Works, Hackney: Lay-bye near Pond Lane Lock ACC/2423/P/15791901 May

1901 Hackney Electricity Works, Hackney: Wharf wall for lay-bye: details ACC/2423/P/15801901 May

1901-06 Hackney Electricity Works, Hackney: Barge lay-bye wharfACC/2423/P/01461901 Feb – 1906

1902 Pond Lane Lock House, Hackney: Sketch of water closet for lockhouse ACC/2423/P/04391902 Apr

1904 Hackney Marshes, Hackney: Right of way requested by London County Council over towing path from Blinco Road and through land of Mr J. Stannard ACC/2423/P/11501904 Oct

1905 Strong's Bridge, Clapton: Survey showing leased property ACC/2423/P/03001905 Jan

1905 Lea Bridge Weir, Clapton: Winding gear etc: detailACC/2423/P/11691905 Nov

1905-06 Pond Lane Lock, Hackney: Hackney electricity supply: proposed intake and discharge pipes for water supplyACC/2423/P/02631905 Nov - 1906

1906 Great Eastern Railway Bridge, Clapton: Sections of river taken both sides of bridgeACC/2423/P/03741906 Jan

1906 Marsh Gate Lane, Hackney: Bridge and proposed hoardingACC/2423/P/02181900 Feb – 1900

1906 Essex Wharf (also known as Eastwoods Wharf), Lea Bridge: Proposed line for improvement of navigationACC/2423/P/01471906 Sep

1907 Great Eastern Railway Bridge, Clapton: Details of cofferdam for abutmentACC/2423/P/11841907 Feb

1909 Lea Bridge, Clapton: Planking of towing path fence under bridge ACC/2423/P/01801909 Feb

1909 Middlesex Wharf, Clapton: Board propertyACC/2423/P/02971909 Jul

1910s High Hill Ferry, Walthamstow: Tithe redemption area alongside river (Number 17249)ACC/2423/P/1278191[-

1910 High Hill Ferry, Clapton: Survey of frontages with sections of river bank ACC/2423/P/02991910 Oct

1911 Willow Point, Clapton: Small bridge over ditch: new towing pathACC/2423/P/01811911

1912-18 Pond Lane Lock, Hackney: Property leased to Hackney Borough Council: agreement planACC/2423/P/13651912 Oct – 1918

1912 Hackney Electricity Works, Hackney: Extension: site planACC/2423/P/13721912 May

1912 Cow Bridge/ Marsh Gate Bridge, Homerton: Marsh sewer across recreation groundACC/2423/P/13831912 May

1912 Hackney Electricity Works, Hackney: Water supply: site plan and detail of campsheddingACC/2423/P/13891912 Jun

1912 Hackney Electricity Works, Hackney: Water supply: arrangement of screening chamber and pump houseACC/2423/P/13901912 Jun

1912 Lea Bridge/ Rammey Marsh Bridge, Clapton/ Enfield: Contract drawing number 1: general planACC/2423/P/13851912 Jul

1912-13 Willow Point Bridge, Clapton: New bridge: contract drawings of steelwork. Includes annotated copies, specification, letters and steel strength reportsACC/2423/P/13881912 Aug – 1913

1913 Willow Point Bridge, Clapton: Fencing: detailsACC/2423/P/14901913 Feb

1917 Strong's Bridge, Clapton: Land leased by Lee Conservancy Board ACC/2423/P/16821917 Apr

1918 Great Eastern Railway Bridge number 652, Hackney: Temporary trestles as a war measureACC/2423/P/17591918 Nov

1918 Mount Wharf, Lea Bridge: Crane projection agreement plan ACC/2423/P/17721918 Dec

1920 Hackney Electricity Works, Pond Lane, Hackney: Runway and new lay-bye for dealing with clinker disposalACC/2423/P/18171920 Jan – 1920

1920 Lea Bridge, Clapton: Cross sections of river above and below the bridge, taken for the purpose of gauging the flood water flowACC/2423/P/18191920 Jan

1920-23 Hackney Electricity Works, Pond Lane, Hackney: Runway and new lay-bye for dealing with clinker disposalACC/2423/P/18171920 Jan - 1920

1920-21 Carbonic Acid Gas Company Works, Lea Bridge, Clapton: Water intake for condensing: suction pipesACC/2423/P/18311920 Oct – 1921

1921-23 Lea Bridge Works/ Old Ford Pumping Station, Clapton/ Old Ford: Crossings for 42-inch and 36-inch mains over river at both places and also over Bow River at Sewer BridgeACC/2423/P/18731921 Aug - 1923

1921-22 Hackney Electricity Power Station, Hackney: Enlarged intake for water supply: agreement plans and plan of damACC/2423/P/18661921 Oct – 1922

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