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Giles's Dock

A map of the Thomas Webbe estate in about 1774 showing Giles's Dock. (Hackney Archives)

Giles's Dock

Giles's Dock was located in the north east corner of what is now Springfield Park, running parallel with Spring Hill.

The dock or creek first appears on a map of Thomas Webbe's estate in 1774, surrounded by calico printing or processing works and three wharves.

There is reference to a tile yard in 1774 and tile kilns nearby in 1806. This may suggest a roof tile manufactory, exploiting natural clay beds nearby with the tiles possibly exported by barge from the dock.

Premises adjoining the dock were leased by John Webbe Weston, a varnish maker, in 1806.

The dock could still be seen in maps of 1868, but had been infilled by 1896. This period corresponds with the scheme to straighten the course of the river at this point in about 1876.



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