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Lea Bridge Dry Dock

Lea Bridge Dry Dock

Historical Association



Dominion/ LB of Hackney. The Dock appears to lie outside the Essex Wharf site, although buildings which lined the north side of the dock appears to have been within the site.

Date or period

Recorded on map of 1765.

Current Designation

Archaeological Priority Zone.

Architectural Merit

Demolished/ infilled

Group Value



The historic mapping indicates that the Dock may be part of a side stream of the Lea that made Essex Wharf into an island. This stream, rather than he road, appears to have formed an earlier boundary of Essex and Middlesex. The Dock is a reminder of the long history of boat building and repair in the Lea Bridge area.

This may be the dry dock picture in a painting held by Hackney Archives (above).

Archaeological Significance

The entrance to the dock is still visible to the north east of Lea Bridge, although the approach ramp to the footbridge and cycleway appears to have erased half of the area of the dock.


Likely to have been disturbed by various works to the main bridge and the new footbridge/cycle-way.

Future Conservation

Watching brief. The alignment of the stream, which is of historic significance, should be considered.

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