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Springfield Marina (Horseshoe Point)

Springfield Marina (Horseshoe Point)


Springfield Marina was developed by the Lee Valley Park Authority in 1969 on the site of the former Radley's Boat Yard, destroyed by fire after a V2 rocket strike nearby.TheRadley familyoperated a series of boat yards along the Lea.

The marina was created from a former bend in the river Lea.The course of the river was straightened and the bend by-passed when works to improve the navigation were undertaken in about 1876.

This river bend is often assumed to be that known as 'Horseshoe Point', but estate maps from the 1770's show that Horseshoe Point, also known as 'Old River', may have beenslightly upstreamfrom today's marina, where a series of three river bends defined three mid-stream islands or 'holms'. From south to north, these are referred to as 'Horseshoe Point', 'The Large Island', and 'The Small Island'.

Today, the Marina sits at the confluence of the Coppermill Stream with the Lea. The Coppermill bridge traverses the mouth of the Copper Mill Stream at the eastern end of the Marina.

The Horseshoe Bridge across the Lea was constructed after the meander was by-passed to allow barge horses to cross the from one side of the river to the other and continue northwards along the towpath on the west side.

A map of the Thomas Webbe estate showing the former river bends and mid-stream islands or 'holms'.(Hackney Archives)



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