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Abraham Ogier

Abraham Ogier, Silk Merchant (1716-1784)

Ogier was lessee of the Hackney Corn Mills and Waterworks in 1766. 

A descendant of Peter Abraham Ogier, Huguenot émigré from Chassis L’eglise in Bas Poitou, France and a silk merchant of Spitalfields. 

Associated with the renowned and successful firm of Ogier Vansoer & Triquet of Spital Square. 

The Ogier family expanded their activity outwards from Spitalifields to Clapton, Hackney and, later, the Americas. 

Abraham Ogier of Clapton Esq. appeared as a juror in the trial of Lord Byron for murder in April 1765[1] and is buried in the St Augustine’s section of St John of Hackney Churchyard.


[1] A complete collection of state trials and proceedings for high ..., Volume 19

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