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George Devey

George Devey, Architect (1820-1886)

GeorgeDevey designed the Foreman’s House for the Lea Bridge Waterworks. The original drawings are held at the Metropolitan Archives and original perspective views are held in the James Williams collection (held by Sheffield School of Architecture).


George Devey, by the sculptor W. H. Mabey

Devey's Foremans House at Lea Bridge Waterworks

Devey was an important figure in the evolution of Arts and Crafts architecture and designed several large and attractive houses across the British Isles, including Ascott, Betteshanger, Coombe Warren and St Alban’s Court.

C.A. Voysey and R.N. Shaw, leaders of the arts and crafts movement, studied/worked under him.

He was in practice for the 1840s and then partnership with James Williams.

A key attribute of Devey’s buildings is that they draw upon modest vernacular architecture as a source, recognising local and regional character. For many observers his smaller buildings (such as lodges, stables and cottages) are his most admirable work, particularly in the way they fit their sites and appear to grow out of the ground.

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