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George Osmond

George Osmond

George Osmond undertook to repair and extend the Works after 1724 with a new engine house, a cast iron engine and new supply pipes or conduits, and grinding mills on each bank, but these works never came to fruition.

From 1708, George Osmond and his partner John Ward and were associated with waterworks at Hertford.[1]

Osmond was a plumber who, with a Mr Hudson, built waterworks at the paper mill at Great Hartham Common, Hertfordshire and a Cistern at Old Cross in 1708.

Osmond may be the plumber and plasterer who worked upon many of the great ‘Queen Anne’ churches of London from 1716, including St. Alphege; Greenwich; Christ Church; Spitalfields; St. John’s, Smith Square; and St. Paul’s(Deptford).[2]


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