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John Ward

John Ward

John Ward, with George Osmond, assisted Tyssen in the development of the waterworks at Lea Bridge and undertook to repair and extend the works after 1724 with a new engine house, a cast iron engine and new supply pipes or conduits, and grinding mills on each bank. These works never came to fruition since in 1724 Ward was convicted of forgery.

Ward also had an interest in waterworks at Hertford.

This is possibly the John Ward of Hackney who was convicted of forgery during this period is the man described in 'English Eccentrics and Eccentricities' by John Timbs published in 1866. This Ward was recorded for posterity in a poem by Alexander Pope; "Given to the fool, the mad, the vain, the evil, To Ward, to Waters, Chartres, and the devil."

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