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Thomas Wicksteed

Thomas Wicksteed, Engineer (1806-1871)

Wicksteed was resident Engineer to the East London Waterworks from 1829 to 1851.

He removed the source of supply from Old Ford, on the tidal part of the river Lee, to Lea Bridge above the influence of the tide and supervised construction of a two mile canal, a cast iron main laid under the bed of the river, and a reservoir. He reconstructed the Lea Bridge Mills in order to adapt them for pumping water to the East London Waterworks Company’s district.

Wicksteed introduced the Cornish Engine, firstly at Old Ford but probably also the Victoria Engine at Lea Bridge, completed by Greaves.

As well as numerous waterworks across Britain and Ireland, Wicksteed was consulted and made reports on the construction of waterworks and sewerage of Berlin and the Nile barrage for the Pacha of Egypt.

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