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Walter Hunter II

Walter Hunter II, Engineer (1840 -1914)

Hunter, Walter Hunter’s son, was a well known water engineer. He was articled to his father, in the firm of Hunter and English, mechanical engineers and millwrights, of Bow.

He subsequently became head of the firm (until 1896), turning out machinery associated with water supply.[1]

Director and then Engineering Director of the Grand Junction Waterworks and associated with schemes for the Staines Reservoirs (1896-1900).

In practiced with R.E. Middleton and M.B. Duff. Member of the Poplar District Board of Works and Member of the first London County Council in 1889, where he was on the Bridges Committee.


[1] Obituary. Walter Hunter, 1840-1914. (Vice-President). Minutes Of The Proceedings, Part 4 Volume 198, Issue 1914, January 1914, Pages 339 - 340

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