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Heritage protection

Heritage protection

Local campaigners have worked hard over many years to gain stronger heritage protection for the Waterworks.

Recent efforts have focused on an application to English Heritage for the entire Waterworks or individual buildings to be listed as of national and architectural and historic importance.

The following pages report this the steps in this ultimately unsuccessful process. We are very grateful to English Heritage and DCMS for the careful consideration they gave to our application.

The application process helped to cast a light on the value and importance of the Waterworks - even if they are utlimately not of national significance.

English Heritage confirmed that the Waterworks are historically important and that some form of local protection is fully justified.

It is poignant to note the extensive waterworks buildings, engine houses and chimneys that survived up until the 1960's would almost certainly have been listed, had they survived.

The focus now turns to adding the individual buildings and structures to the local list and/0r designating the Waterworks as a conservation area.

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